Carell Bedbath Range

Dermatologically Tested Simple One Step Cleaning Solution
Bedbath Wipes - Single Pack Of 8 Wipes GCBB8-SGL

Carell Bedbath Wipes are a simple, rinse free bathing solution designed to clean and moisturise all areas of the body in one easy step.

Conveniently replacing the more traditional methods of bed bathing such as; preparing bowls, washcloths, water, soap, lotions and towel drying; they are also cost effective which reduces laundry bills and nursing time.

These large, soft wipes are designed for use on the following areas: face, neck, chest, right & left arm, perineum, right & left leg, back and buttocks.

They are available in two types: Bedbath Wipes - A pack of 8, ideal for a complete full body wash, and Body Care Wipes, for longer hospital stays. The 8 pack can be used warmed (in a Clinell warmer) or un-warmed (straight from the pack) for a pleasant patient experience.

The wipes are dermatologically tested, alcohol and lanolin free whilst containing a patented pH neutral formula with aloe vera and added moisturisers to promote healthy, soft skin.

Q: What are the caution statements associated with these products?

A: For external use only, Avoid contact with eyes, Keep eyes closed whilst washing the face, Microwave times may vary, Wipes may be extremely hot - test temperature before use and wait if too hot, Heat a single pack at a time, Do no reheat.

Q: What makes Carell Bedbath Wipes better then other bed bath wipes currently on the market?

A: Carell Bedbath Wipes are the best value bedbath wipes available to hospitals and contain a patented formula designed by the GAMA Healthcare team. They can be heated to give a patient a warm bed bathing experience and GAMA Healthcare provides warmers to hospitals for free.

Q: Can the wipes be warmed before use?

A: Yes they can. Place the whole pack of wipes in the Clinell warmer, temperatures will rise to approx 40-45 degrees. Please ensure that the wipes are not too hot before using it on the skin. GAMA can provide a hospital a Clinell Warmer.

Q: How will using this product benefit a hospital?

A: This product is designed to save time and money when giving a patient a bed bath. It does this by replacing the need for the cumbersome traditional methods of giving a bed bath which includes preparing bowls, washcloths, soap, lotions and dry wipes. Carell Bedbath wipes decrease waste, save money, time and increase staff compliance.

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