Clinell Hand Sanitising Gel Range

Superior Effectiveness Instant Results Disinfects And Refreshes
50ml Gel With Clip GCIHSTOT50-SGL
50ml Gel Flip Top GCIHS50-SGL
500ml Gel Pump GCIHS500-SGL

Clinell Hand Sanitising Gels contains a unique formula which combines a unique blend of 70% alcohol (WHO recommended) and moisturisers providing a superior level of effectiveness against germs. 

The formulation also contains high levels of glycerin and aloe vera which helps to moisturise and condition the skin, preventing the dry, cracked hands so often associated with other alcohol gels.

1. Squirt desired amount in to palm of hand

2. Rub hands palm to palm, rub back of each hand with the palm of the other with fingers interlaced

3. Rub palm to palm with fingers interlaced, rub backs of fingers to opposing palms with fingers interlocked

4. Using rotational movement, rub each thumb with other hand. Rub tips of fingers in palm in a circular motion

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