Clinell Clean Indicator Range

A Convenient, Hygienic And Easy To Use Compliance Aid
Green Indicator Labels - 1000 Notes GCCIN1000G-SGL
Indicator Tape 3.8cm X 100m Roll GCCIT100-SGL

Clinell products thoroughly clean and disinfect surfaces, equipment and objects.

Clinell Clean Indicators are a convenient way to help implement effective hygiene procedures. Ideal for commodes, bed frames, drip stands and other equipment - the tape can be attached after disinfection, to clearly show that the object had been sanitised.

Each roll comes with a pen included so that the date, time and name can be filled out in the appropriate sections. Clinell Clean Indicators are the easiest way to illustrate completed sanitation procedure. Simple and quick, by attaching the bright green tape, it is easy to show that objects and equipment have been cleaned and disinfected.

By filling in the boxes on the label, the responsible person is also able to leave a clear record of having done so. Clinell Clean Indcators are conveniently available on a roll or in note format and are self adhesive.

Q: What is Clinell Clean Indicator Tape?

A: Clinell Clean Indicator Tape is a strip of self adhesive paper, indicator labels that help to implement good hygiene procedure by clearly illustrating the date that an object has been disinfected and by whom.

Q: How does Clinell Clean Indicator Tape work?

A: After disinfecting, the label is filled out by the person that cleaned the object. They tick the 'I am clean' box, fill in their name and insert the current date on the label. The strip of indicators is then looped round the object and joined by pressing the two sides firmly together to activate the adhesive on the underside of the strip.

Q: How will using these indicator products benefit a hospital?

A: Clinell Clean Indicator products reduce the risk of contaminated equipment being used on patients and thereby reduce the risk of getting a hospital aquired infection. They also allow for traceability as the name of the person who cleaned the equipment is noted.

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