Carell Personal Care Wipe Range

One Step Cleaning Solution - Alcohol, Lanolin And Paraben Free
Personal Care Wipes - Pack Of 10 Wipes GCRW10-SGL
Personal Care Wipes - Pack Of 24 Wipes GCHF24-SGL
Personal Care Wipes - Clip Pack 40 Wipes GCPP40-SGL
Personal Care Wipes - Pack Of 125 Wipes GCHF125-SGL
Personal Care Wipes - Pack Of 200 Wipes GCHF200-SGL

Alcohol, Lanolin and Paraben free

Carell Personal Care Wipes are designed for frequent patient use to keep themselves and their immediate area clean. The wipes come in five sizes, a handy, flushable 10 pack, a maceratable 24 pack, 125 pack, 200 pack and a clip pack of 40 wipes. The clip pack has a mild antibacterial action, and is intended for use on skin and surfaces. Carell Personal Care Wipes are dermatologically tested and ensure patients stay fresh, clean and protected.

Developed for frequent use, the unique formula with aloe vera is gentle to skin, so patients can use them as often as they want without causing dryness or irritation. Ideal to use before eating, after using the toilet, on the face or hands and on surrounding surfaces such as bed tables, bedside cabinets, handles etc.

ArmpitsArms Back Buttocks
Chest areaFace FeetHair
Hands LegsNeck Shoulders

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