10 Things You’ll Relate To If You Hate Germs

Whether you’re a card carrying germaphobe or just like to think of yourself as a clean person avoiding contagious germs you’ll probably relate to the majority of the list below.

  1. Clearing out your handbag to find 12 half used bottles of hand sanitizer.

Fighting against germs can be a constant battle when you’re out and about in public. Touching door handles and taps can mean constant exposure to germs on your hands. Short of wearing gloves, a bottle of hand sanitizer is your best weapon in the war against germs.

  1. Using your foot to hold doors open to avoid touching door handles

Along with pulling your sleeve down over your hand, using your foot to hold doors open and even flushing the toilet is one way to know you’re super cautious about avoiding germs at all costs.

Did you know: Obsessed with being clean? There’s a name for that – it’s Mysophobia – defined as the pathological fear of contamination and germs.

  1. Carrying plastic gloves with your whenever you ride on public transport

Although extreme, keeping disposable plastic gloves in your handbag is a sure way to stop your clean hands touching dirty surfaces such as handrails when you’re on the train or bus.

  1. Disinfecting your workstation with antimicrobial wipes

Research has suggested that the area on your desk where your hands rest has around 10,000 bacteria; using a disinfectant wipe can work to combat this.

  1. When someone sneezes in public you want to duck and cover

It’s coming up to winter, so whilst everyone else is getting excited for the Christmas break and the chance of snow, you’re anxiously waiting for workmates and passers-by to unnecessarily start sneezing all over you. Naturally, you duck, shield your face and run.

  1. Public Toilets

The dreaded germ pit that is the public toilet. A place that fills you with fear at the thought of being forced to enter, due to an annoyingly full bladder. The only way to prevent the germ fear is to wipe the seat down with a sanitiser spray – just to be sure!

Did you know: More than a quarter of people admit being worried about germs or bacteria

  1. Hugs and handshakes make you shudder

Family occasions, public events, meeting new clients, basically any time when you are forced to make uncomfortable, awkward physical contact to be ‘polite’. We’d really rather not, thanks.

  1. Overly friendly dogs

Even the biggest dog lover we know doesn’t really liked being licked on the face, not by their dogs and certainly not by someone else’s – we know where that tongue’s been, Rover. If you get caught short in an unexpected post lick situation you can freshen up with these face wipes, thankfully!

  1. Buffets (or pretty much any food-share situation)

Free food – great!

Free food that’s already been mauled with by countless other strangers – NIGHTMARE.

As much as we all love getting something for nothing (even better when it’s food), there’s not a prayer that you’ll be eating someone else’s cast offs, you’d much rather go hungry.

10. You dread Airplanes

You’re excited for your summer break, naturally, but the thought of spending 4+ hours in an enclosed space full of people who do nothing but cough and splutter makes you consider staying at home. You will inevitably come home with a cough or cold, eurgh!

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