Are you as clean as you could be? National Handwashing Day – 15th October

National Handwashing Day falls on the 15th October 2019 this year, and is a global initiative to devise, design and create exciting and innovative ways to encourage the practice of handwashing all over the world.

Handwashing is a really affordable way of preventing disease and promoting infection control. Whilst handwashing might not always be possible with hot soapy water, there are products that can be used to make the handwashing process both simpler and more effective.

When did you last wash your hands?

From single use universal disposable wipes for cleaning hands on the go, to a handy bottle of alcohol sanitiser to keep in your handbag or pocket, handwashing has never been more convenient.

Our infographic below investigates handwashing in the UK, and explores how we should all try a little harder to wash our hands properly!

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