Disinfection Touch Points - Where to Focus Cleaning Efforts in the Home

Is someone sick in your house? Worried about germs and infections? Here is your guide on how to get your household squeaky clean quickly. We have identified the germ hot spots within your home to help you target the most affected areas. Anything touchable is considered a high risk touchpoint. You will find that the majority of the highest risk areas are touched regularly. This makes sense considering our hands are the biggest carriers of germs, which are easily transferred around. Take cleaning the floor for example. Although important, we don’t eat with our feet, so any germs on the feet are less of a threat than germs on the hands.


Sponges are a breeding ground for germs: When left damp bacteria can grow quickly. Whilst using the bacteria infested sponges to clean services or to wash pots and pans, we are effectively spreading germs around the home. Either ensure you wash your sponges weekly in the dishwasher or simply use disposable cleaning cloths.

Sinks, work surfaces and cutting boards. All surfaces that come into regular contact with contaminated bacteria from raw food should be cleaned rigorously.

Fridge, Freezer and cooker handles. As with all handles, they are regularly exposed to the hand which is a major carrier of germs and bacteria.

Rubbish bin. A notably obvious point. Ensure you clean down your bin at least once a week with anti-bacterial spray and wipes.


Dirty doorknobs and handles are some of the germiest places in the house. Our hands transfer the most germs. We can pick these germs up from the dog, your neighbour’s new born child or from the train home from work.

Light switches are similar to doorknobs. Constant contact with hands and fingers from everyone in the home makes it a germ hotspot.

Your hands! As discussed your hands are the biggest offenders in the transferring of germs. Keep them clean and regularly use anti-bacterial gel.


Toilet Handles again are a massive hotspot and a direct cause of bacterial transfers to the hand.

Dispensers regularly come into contact with our hands, directly after using the toilet and the toilet handle making it a bacterial hotspot.

Toilet seats are crawling with bacteria. Clean once a week with anti-bacterial wipes to keep your toilet germ free.

Hand drying towels are crawling with moist bacteria. Ensure that you wash them at least once a week. Keep a rotation of towels for a fresh cycle.

So there you have it. The most bacteria ridden areas of your house. Now that you know the hotspots check out our range of antibacterial products to keep your house sparkling clean and germ free.

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